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Reciclare cabluri mai mici cu oțel



The Firefox is a highly automated and efficient cable plant made for tough conditions. Can be fed either with a forklift truck with tilting bin, belt conveyor or a crane with cactus grab. Equipped with intermediate storage bin with proportioning feeding and an efficient dedusting system.

The Firefox has typically a capacity of up to 1300 kg/h for cable with a Cu content of 50%. It includes a Buffer Silo between the Rough Chopper and the 2 x 37 kW Twin Granulator for increased capacity. It includes a 45 kW Rough Chopper equipped with hard metal knives that can process all types of dry cable up to diameter 120 mm with a length up to 1000 mm (containing steel up to diameter 2 mm).

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 Fine Granulator

POWERCAT A: Modular cable recycling plant. Suit­able for companies with a smaller amount of cable. Manually fed. Can easily be extended to a Powercat B.

POWERCAT B: Extended with a 45 kW Rough Chopper, a Buffer Silo between Rough Chopper and Granulator increasing overall capacity and ensuring efficient separation. Suitable for forklift or crane feeding.

POWERCAT C: Simplified version of PC B equipped with 37 kW Rough Chopper. No buffer silo between Rough Chopper and Granulator. Suitable for forklift or crane feeding.



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Separation Table

THUNDERHAWK A: Very compact and economical turn-key plant. Suitable for small companies wanting to earn money from their scrap cable quickly, but without big investments in machinery. Manually fed. 

THUNDERHAWK B: Extended with a rough chopper increasing the capacity. Low personnel requirements and high degree of automation. Efficient and profitable cable recycling. It can even process light-armoured cable. 


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