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Flat Panel (LCD) Recycling



The Flat Panel Processor FPP 60 is a versatile machine to disassemble a large range of flat panels. The processor allows for the secure extraction of the fluorescent lamps and separation into the different fractions. 

The processor can be fed manually or mechanically via conveyor belts. The cutting station can be fed with panels up to 1600mm x 1200mm and 60kgs weight. Finally the metal sockets are automatically discharged. 

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Benefits of using flat panel (LCD) processor 
  • More than 6 times effective than manual. 
  • Safer conditions for workers and for the environmental.
  • Economically advantageous even with 7000 LCD screens recycled per year. 
  • Automatic screen size detection system.
  • Programmable one-pass or two-pass cutting system.
  • High material revenue
  • Process time < 60sec/screen
  • Automatic detection of lamps
  • Variable cutting motor speeds


  • Input materials: Flat panels up to 1600mm x 1200mm and max 60kg weight.
  • Output materials: Different types of plastic, foils, electronic boards, fluorescent lamps, metals (aluminium, ferrous)
  • Capacity: For panels up to 23”, up to 60 units/h. For panels larger than 23”, 30-60 units/h