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Drum Crushers

JMC 45 Gallon Drum Crushers


Empty drums in the yard are a problem because they take up so much space and are difficult to store and dangerous to stack. Organisations which have 45 gallon drums to recycle will be interested in the JMC 45 gallon Drum Crusher. This robust and reliable machine will reduce heavy duty drums up to the 45 gallon (205 litre) in size to discs which are about 4″ (100mm) thick at a rate of of up to 100 drums an hour.

The JMC 45 Gallon drum crusher is able to reduce heavy duty drums down to discs with a thickness of only 100mm (4″). Two models are available, a high speed version and a standard machine.
The high speed version will handle up to 100 x 45 gallon (205 litre) drums every hour so it’s ideal for the processor who handles a large quantity of drums. This machine comes with a separate portable power pack so that it can be connected very easily to other hydraulic equipment.

The standard machine has been designed for the customer who has a limited number of drums for disposal. Even so, it is a rugged, reliable machine able to deal with up to 24 x 45 gallon (205 litre) drums per hour.